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WoW !! 4157 Potato Chips Bags from 65 countries... and counting !!

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Last addition: November. 20th, 2009

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Yes, it is right: a collection of empty bags of Potato Chips. Or Crisps, call them as you like. Now you can see how in the other countries people enjoy their favourite nibbles.

Simply click on a Continent Button and select a nation from the list on the left.

The countries listed are referred to countries where chips are manufactured, not traded. This means that if you don't see your country it is possible that there is no Chips plant in your nation. Or it means that I miss chips bags from your lovely country! In this case, why don't you contribute to my collection by sending me some bags? Just click on the "HELP US" button in the top right corner of this page.

21.11.09 -10 new bags added! A regular update with some bags from Malta and a couple from Italy

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17.11.09 -34 new bags added! New arrivals from Italy and England plus some fews from a new country (more to be added): Malta, thanks to Pamela for selling them!!
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Do you want to become a sponsor?it is cheaper and easier than you may think ! As Chips Bags Collector of course Chips Producers, online Food / Grocery Shops or anything related to FMCG items are welcome. Just see our "Help Us" section or click the link below. I do not want to make money with this site, along it is paid by itself.


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