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Ok, now that you have seen my collection, you may wonder who this mad collector may be. Here I am:   I've always found difficult to talk about myself. My friends define me clever, helpful, lovely and always smiling. But opinions change, or simply get better! So perhaps in my guestbook you'll find more quotes from my friends about me.

Since I was child, I've always been keen of chips. My parents were used to feed me with pasta, panzerotti and chips. Some relatives report that there were no chips home, I was used to become aggressive. Right it's me friendly convincing my parents to give me the last packet left home. Grown in Southern Italy, I studied in England and in Turin before working in the Bologna Area, Italy.

"I want my chips...NOW"


me (above) and me with my stupid friend (right)

me and my best friends on Graduation Day


"Ready ???" FIGHT !!!!

In this page you'll find some pictures of me. The idea of start a collection arose in 1997, when everybody was wrapped around the fashion of collecting phone cards, I decided to start a different collection. Looking for something colourful, cheap and easy to file, the first idea was chips bags. I never thought to achieve these numbers, as everything started for fun, thinking to finish early. But when I started getting chips bags from abroad, my collection looked poor immediately.  

Now that I have reached important figures, I am looking to try to get bags from al countries of the world.   The man above has inspired me a lot. Spud Webb, a 168cm (5'6") guard would find a place in NBA just as a spectator, but in 1986 he won the Slam Dunk contest in Dallas against his teammate Dominique Wilkins. He gave me the imprinting that any goal can be achieved, not from all, but you have to strive to reach it.

Recently I'm practising at gym because I'm very atracted by the Parkour, although I'll never manage to do these tricks - but I like the idea!! If you don't know what this is go here for the forum or here to see some amazing videos !!

This is my favourite TV Channel:


  This is the greatest TV Show I've ever seen on TV. It's amazing what these people can do and they are of great inspiration to me when I come out making visits and surprises to my friends. If you've never seen an episode go on MTV's Page.
  Now that you know a bit more about me, why don't you sign my guestbook - just click here:
My favourite quote: "Impossible is a word pronounced by those small men who prefer to live in the given world instead of changing it. Impossible is an opinion, not a state of the art. Impossible is a challenge, not a rule. Impossible is not for all. Impossible is not forever."


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