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During al these years, many people helped me in achieving more than 3.000 different chips bags in my collection; this section is a small tribute to some of them, but I wish I haven't forgotten someone.    
In the very first years, Lucrezia and Antonio (left) helped me collecting the chips bags with surprise from children at school. They sadly stopped when moms started complaining about their children health. They kept supporting me with their own consumption; now that they are married and have given birth to Giuseppe and Francesco, they car return to contribute with the bags with surprise.

If you are a collector interested in crossed exchange, I will collect some items you may need from Italy in exchange of chips Bags.

If you are a Manufacturer who wants to see his products in this site, just send me an email of fill the form below. I will be very happy to get your old packages, mock-ups and whatever you could provide to me.

During my work experience at Del Monte, I've been lucky enough to meet these great people, headed by my best friend Cristina. They denied all dietary programs to support me. Sad everything is over now, and happy to stay in touch with some of them. Also Giuseppe from the Belgian brand supported me with aimed items from Brussels first, and them from home in Berkshire. He's an happy dad of Joseph Charles now. I am also interested in purchasing empty chips bags from you, exprecially from those countries I miss. I usually pay 0,15-0,20 euro each + post and packing. Just fill the form below or send me an email at info@chipscollection.com to get in touch.
Being the web a great opportunity, no doubt I made extensive use of it to retrieve collectors worldwide. Josè from Zaragoza, Spain, is a great contributor as I used to swap the Football Stickers with chips bags yearly with him. Julio from Argentina, Petra from The Nederlands, Tom from Thailand and a friend from Peru helped me with these remote lands.
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Other contributors: my greatest friend Silvia provided bags from India and Mallorca, plus some others, Gigi from Brasil, Miky from her holidays, along with Marchino, Roberto from Prato and all of them who thought of me !
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