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17.07.08 - 66 new bags added! Sanza is a shop online based in England, selling stuff from downunder - South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. I purchased 35 different bags, plus usual contribution from Ian from England

12.06.08 - 63 new bags added! Special thanx to Sara and Daniela for their contribution back from their holidays in the USA, plus Josè from Spain, and usuals from Germany, Austria and Ian from England

11.05.08 - 23 new bags added! Some new contributors helped me this time: I got some new bags from England from Ian, Michele back from Targoviste brought me two from Romania and one friend working on Cruise Vessels gave two bags from Brasil, plus the usual from Italy.

26.04.08 - 23 new bags added! Gabriele, an old classmate from Torino made his contribution from his trip to Greece plus some few from Italy

25.04.08 - Some news on me After 14 years I managed to organise a reunion between my old Polytechnic classmates. Read more on the about me page

15.03.08 - 62 new bags added! Jose from Spain made his great contribution with 50 bags from his country, plus some odds from the previous trips from Croatia, England and Italy.

24.02.08 - new Country added! Many thanks to Giulio who sent mw two bags from Russia - pretty difficult to read the text !!

17.01.08 - 27 new bags added! some new bags from my recent trip to Croatia, an order of English Crisps and some gifts from Austria from my greatest friend Silvia !!.

01.01.08 - We Are ONLINE ! after months and months of hard work the mission is completed. Now you can browse my collection and perhaps give your contribution to it

01.01.08 - Bags from Sweden Added you don't need to fly to Scandinavia to get these lovely chips served on a plate. A walk to the local IKEA shop is enough to add a couple of items to this collection. See Sweden Page !!

December 2007 Website Project is ended - ready to upload

May 2007 Website Project is set up - ready to start

August 1997 My collection starts !!


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